Gothard_Barbara_MOVING BEYOND_Oil on Canvas_48x48_2017 Shadows of the Formerly Interalia -Repurposed Whats Next Glimpse into the Journey Hurdles Unlashed Dispersing Hurdles Diverging Hurdles Emerging Hurdles Escaping Hurdles Expansion No 3 Expansion No 4 Expansion No 6 Expansion No 8 Expansion No5 Hurdle No 5 Hurdle No1 Hurdles No 6 Quantum Leap Space Time Continuum Suspended Hurdles Unguarded Interlayered Spirit Afterward Flowing Thru Division Free Space Gliding Thru Hurdles N0 4 Hurdles No 10 Hurdles No 10 League of Leaves Morning Noon and Night Triptych Peeling Back the Layers Pride Live Lights Recline So Whats Happening Next Space Interrupted Untitled Untitled Untitled